My Background

Hello! Bonjour!

You must be reading my blog either because of these reasons: you know me; you're a homesick anglophone living in France; you're a new resident of Paris and hate feeling "lost in translation"; you love French food or food in genereal; or because you're planning your first trip here and need some pointers! If you fall under neither category, welcome anyway and it's a pleasure to have you reach this point in my blog.

I tell you, my advice and opinion may seem passé to frequent France travelers but this fresh, innocent perspective (which I think sightseekers together with locals tend to lose) is what every globe-trotter must have in order to be graced by a country's charm in all its aspects. New to european soil, my first trip was just last 2006 and I gave la belle France the primary benefit of sweeping me off my virgin feet--and yes she did! A bit too much that I fell in love with a romantic frog, ended my career at home and packed up 29 years of memories to live in this city of hers, Paris.

I can't consider myself a local nor a frenchie but I am married to one. Thanks to him and his family based in the south of France, I'm a lucky insider to their customs, mindset and language, comparing ways of everyday living between a pumping City of Light and a laid-back sunny life along the Riviera.

Although as The Happy Spectator, I promise to give you insight as the outsider curiously looking in.

Enjoy the read.

Oh, must I emphasize how much I enjoy all comments? Please share your thoughts as well.