11 November 2009

A Bag of Trucs (not tricks)

In my last entry I encouraged and did my share of in-store hibernation from (pre)winter wonderland chills and as a result of doing so, here are some trucs (things) which caught my eye.

It wants to shake you up when your food is cooked! Hands down to the kitchen body-shaking timer.

We all need our apero tray to assist us during our favorite hour. 

And this is for the stylista dog owners out there, voila, "Monsieur Woof Woof, dinner is served (on your fine china dish bowl) ." Hmm, I can see my friend T owning one for her cutie.

Your kid's or niece's play kitchen tools? No, I don't think so.

I couldn't quite figure out this one--anyone care for some chocolate, mint or strawberry inhalation? Dessert-in-a-whiff for people on the go, I guess.

A cooking necessity for the eco-friendly chefs: green pots and pans.

The last two finds are in my kitchen wishlist.

You simply cannot go wrong with France's Le Creuset's line of lifetime cookware: cast iron pots, cocottes(mini pot as seen above in blue and red) perfect for slow-cooking stews, soups and almost everything else! Thanks to my mother-in-law who introduced us to this useful faitout, my husband and I can no longer cook quality meals without it!

I assure you I am not getting paid by these companies. For salads and prep work, I would love to own this convenient tool to grate or thinly slice away veggies like carrots and courgettes(zucchini) to name a few, gaining me some time! Only problem is that it could also take up some precious kitchen space.

Let me know what you think about any of these finds. To BUY or bid goodBYE?

*This post is dedicated to my brother-in-law G, a soon-to-be famous sports shoe designer now with Addidas, who pushed me to feature unique "art" in my blog--of course, my interpretation of art in the world of food!


Tricia Matoto-DeSanto said...

someone get me one of those orange pots please? my husband cooked away the bottom of my precious french pot, purchased by my eagle-eyed, super shopper mother at a goodwill thrift store. what a GOOD buy!!! for me, the slicer/dicer product is a GOODBYE because of the time you'll spend cleaning the damn thing. but it's reminding me to use your damn breadmaker! i've had it for 9 months na, wala pa rin tinapay.hey,now i'm thinking about how i'm not going to see you this xmas.....sad of it.

regina said...

Great post anne. Good eye for interesting things... Reminds me to say HELLO to my slow cook pot --which I haven't used in the past 2 years! Please share some (easy) recipes that I can impress my hubby with;)..

The Happy Spectator said...

Tricia-too bad the hub destroyed that pot! you were using that almost everyday. Goodwill, I miss! I got a wooden kitchen paper towel holder for $1.99! In france, that would easily go for 20 euros.

Regina-thanks for your comment! onion soup is very easy! the recipe is in the previous entry. Let me think of easy recipes to publish..

Anonymous said...


Do you know more about that Whiff thing???
I understand you have not actually purchased that whiffrdo chocolate or any other flavourish of this mysterious item / food? WASISDAS? would say a german sheppard .. Dog food to inhale ..or delicioza gelateria ... Let us know please I am intrigued!!!


Kat Palanca said...

Annie, definitely the Le Creuset! The outlet i always go to in SF has a store....i just never got myself to buying one because i don't think my maids will appreciate it as much as I do! Did you find these things at that store near Hotel de Ville? It's funny....i do the same thing when I shop sometimes....it's those weird, unusual things that catch my attention.....and then I become a sucker and I buy it. In that case, i'm the wrong person to ask whether it's to BUY or goodbye....everything is BUY, BUY, BUY!!!

Tessa said...

Hey Matoe! Absolutely love the doggie dish, perfect for Amica! Is there one in gold or china ha ha :) You should feature that store in Le Marais where they have all these cute colorful trinkets, I'm sure you know which store I'm talking about. Miss you XOXO

The Happy Spectator said...

kat- no to buy, buy,buy!
tessa-i knew you would love it!