20 May 2010

A Baker's Feast Day

As mentioned in my previous post on le printemps, May 16 is a worthy day to mark on your calendar if you have a sweet tooth like moi. Happy St. Honoré's day! This feast day celebrated by bakers in France is THE moment to forget your diet, your curbing of sweet cravings and head your way to baker's heaven in a boulangerie/ patisserie.

the famous pâtisserie in different flavors: pistachio and chocolate

pink strawberry madness!

 A reason to stop by ave Daumesnil & no, it's not
 because I'm promoting a former neighbor!
In France, I noticed that more importance is put on feast day of saints. Daily, a saint is honored, to the extent that some frenchies bearing the same namesake also claim it as their day of celebration! My husband's friend treated us to apero during his "namesake day" or saint's feast day, Wladimir, and his guests were actually wishing him "bonne fête!". Also,  in most calendars made and sold here, each day states its corresponding patron saint. A tip for future parents, if you're in the process of researching for baby names, although very french, it's a good source!

Alleluia, praise St. Honore!
Merci beaucoup St. Honoré, à la prochaine fois (until next time!).


nasser said...

the pastries look so light and fluffy. bet they're not too sweet, yes? italian-americans are also very into the saints, feast days, etc. much like how filipinos are obsessive about mary and sto.nino.

Danièle said...

What a fantastic blog. I hope you keep pn writing,

Anonymous said...

happy spectator, where are you? don't stop blogging....